A Swim Back Home

by Denise Sawyer

Renee La Chance, a New Hampshire retiree, clings to her treasured 1960s mementos that have filled a storage unit. After a heated argument with her husband about her packrat ways, she dives into her backyard pool to cool the fiery rift between them. When she resurfaces, it is the summer of 1966. She is 11 again and back in her family pool in Colonia, New Jersey, days before her father received a job offer that uprooted the family and altered the course of Renee’s life.

In her 11-year-old body, but with her adult mind, Renee believes she has died and is in Heaven. In her Heaven, she is given a second chance to grow up in the town she never wanted to leave. All she would need to do is prevent the move. To do so, she must confront an ominous force looming over the Inman Avenue overpass, the disappearance of her best friend, and the consequences of meddling with the past.

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